More Hermitage Restaurant Selections That Get Great Reviews

The neighborhood of Hermitage is a lovely place to kick back and enjoy history and nature without big city Nashville. There is a time and place for Nashville and the bug scene, but good ole country living, whether on vacation or just stepping away for a minute. You’re not quite out of bounds, as you’re still in Nashville when cruising Hermitage. An earlier article featured top restaurants you could try while in the area, and now you’re going to be privy to some more top picks.

First up is Cinco De Mayo Mexican Restaurant, and it is located on Old Hickory Boulevard. Get your fill of the best Mexican cuisine, and if you think like me, it’s gonna be chips and salsa and either fajitas, nachos or enchiladas. It is hard to pass up the steak fajitas at a Mexican restaurant. According to the reviews, there is more than one location for this restaurant.

Next up is JB’s Pour House, which is located on Lebanon Pike. JB’s Pour House serves up wings, burgers and great beer. Are you ready to try something different? The next featured Hermitage restaurant is koi Japanese Buffet, which is also located on Old Hickory Boulevard like some of the other top restaurants. Featuring a hibachi grill, dessert bar and more, it’s your chance to enjoy sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Whitt’s Barbecue is another great restaurant for you to try. It is located on Fort Jackson Parkway, and it’s claim to fame is a pork sandwich. The reviews also say the sweet tea is great, and they mention that on Wednesdays, sandwiches are on sale. Sounds like that would be a good day to stop by.

Mozzarella Pizzeria seems like a pretty cool place to stop by as well. It is located on Lebanon Pike, which you can tell by now is another street that features more restaurants in Hermitage. Another great thing about Mozzerella Pizzeria is that they deliver.

Let’s close this out by listing five more restaurants for you to enjoy in Hermitage, Tennessee. First, you might want to try Qdoba Mexican Grill. Then there is Dusit Thai, Jet’s Pizza, El Centenario, Super Wok and the gourmet popcorn shop Poppin Chicago Style. That covers enough establishments for you so that you and your family eat well, no matter what cuisine you like. Hermitage might be small in comparison to Nashville, but there are great restaurants.